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The Valentine Twins : The vixen

12 Feb

Hiiii Parfait beauties, This is the second part to the Valentine Twins post I started last week. In this post we will become the vixen. This tutorial is more daring than the former. The makeup is bolder and for lack of better words, fiercer. Before I proceed I would like to apologize, I did this tutorial in a hurry and as a result didn’t get to photograph some of the steps. But fear not as all the products will be listed below. So parfait ones let the process begin.

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Christmas Fire…

4 Dec

Hello perfect people (parfait actually means perfect in french),  its december yaaay and christmas is upon us. When I think of christmas, the colours red, gold and green come to my mind. (People that know me would think I’d start blabbing about food at this point lol) So today i was thinking, if i were to go for a christmas party this season, what makeup look would a rock and viola, this look came to my mind.

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Oranges and Browns.

30 Jul

Hello parfait princesses and princes, its a new week full of new blessings. Today I will be doing a tutorial on one of my favourite looks. Its a simple orange and brown look that can be worn at anytime. Hope you have fun recreating this look and all the products will be listed below…..have fun.

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3 Apr

Hello parfait beauties, so we will be talking glitter today. I have a love and hate relationship with glitter reason being that if used incorrectly, glitter could be tacky but if used correctly could be oh so fab.

Glitter is one of those things that keep popping up with different makeup trends. I personally  like glitter for editorial, runway or avant garde makeup because you can go over the top and get really creative with it which is awesome and fun for me (Through out the post you’ll see pictures of an editorial look I created using glitter on my lips). That being said glitter can also be used in your day to day makeup application especially party looks. The trick is to place it on strategic areas of the face like inner corners of the eyes or the tiniest amount on the center of the lower lip. Glitter liners are also another fun way to add sparkle.

Ensure that you use glitter designed to be used on the face, yes not all glitters can be used on the face. Give it a go. Have fun and remember its makeup, it does come off. xoxo