Oranges and Browns.

30 Jul

Hello parfait princesses and princes, its a new week full of new blessings. Today I will be doing a tutorial on one of my favourite looks. Its a simple orange and brown look that can be worn at anytime. Hope you have fun recreating this look and all the products will be listed below…..have fun.

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WE ARE SMOKING…Glitter that is.

26 Jul

Hello beauties. How is everyone doing today. Its friday and as much as we all tend to “thank God its Friday” let’s not forget to thank Him for other days 😀 So in the spirit of friday, I decided to do a look using black eyeshadow some glitter. Have fun recreating this look and dont forget its only makeup and it washes off lol. Lets begin… Continue reading

LITTLE SKINNY THINGS….what my skin likes.

23 Jul

wpid-organic-skin-care.jpgHello parfait beauties. How have we been? Been meaning to do this post for a while as I get questions about what i use for my face in terms of skincare. I am a skincare junkie (you know that person that will not wait for her face wash to finish before jumping to another brand?) I am obsessed with skincare products probably cos I am a beauty therapist. Anyways without talking too much, here are the skincare products I use religiously and have worked and still work for me.

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I’m Alive + Recent Updates

16 Jul

Hello Parfait beauties. Hope everyone has been good. I missed you guys so much. I know I have been MIA but I’m here now and will update you guys on everything I have been doing.

I have been working (currently work part time for blackup paris)and also trying to develop the parfait visage brand

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Green day…..The green smokey look.

19 Feb

Hello my parfait beauties. I come to you today with one of my favourite looks of all time…..the smokey eye. I have gotten quite a bit of requests asking for this look so I will indulge :D. I must confess that I am no longer a fan of eyeshadows (shocking I know) but I am slowly getting back into it. However when I do wear eyeshadows they have to be smoking hence the smokey eye 😉
Forgive my ramblings….let the fun begin.

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P for pink – Pink for Valentine.

11 Feb

And valentine is upon us…..the season of love and the celebration of love. I am not anti-valentine, I don’t get overly excited about it either. Love to me is something that should be celebrated everyday, not just with that special someone but with everyone from family to the lady sweeping the streets. Red is a colour very synonymous with valentine but lets be spontaneous, lets try PINK….:)
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The liner that lives.

17 Nov

A good liner can be used for many purposes aside adorning the rims of the eyes or lining the eyes. A good liner does so much more…….emphasis on good.
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3 Apr

Hello parfait beauties, so we will be talking glitter today. I have a love and hate relationship with glitter reason being that if used incorrectly, glitter could be tacky but if used correctly could be oh so fab.

Glitter is one of those things that keep popping up with different makeup trends. I personally  like glitter for editorial, runway or avant garde makeup because you can go over the top and get really creative with it which is awesome and fun for me (Through out the post you’ll see pictures of an editorial look I created using glitter on my lips). That being said glitter can also be used in your day to day makeup application especially party looks. The trick is to place it on strategic areas of the face like inner corners of the eyes or the tiniest amount on the center of the lower lip. Glitter liners are also another fun way to add sparkle.

Ensure that you use glitter designed to be used on the face, yes not all glitters can be used on the face. Give it a go. Have fun and remember its makeup, it does come off. xoxo


2 Apr

Hello beauties….

After much bullying by my very good friend and MUA(Makeup artist) Omegie to start a blog where I can share my passion and knowledge on makeup and beauty, I finally gathered the courage to start this blog and explore another passion of mine which is writting.

So let me formally introduce myself…My name is Juliette. I am a qualified beauty therapist and makeup artist. I am very passionate about beauty, makeup, food and all the fun things in life.

I am going to be sharing tips and knowledge on all things makeup, skincare, food, music, movies and general areas of interest.

Please send in your questions and beauty concerns and I’ll try my very best to answer them to the best of my ability.

Check back from time to time for new posts and also share with your friends.

Have a parfait day and write you soon….xoxo