Mini Beauty Haul

12 Mar

Hello beautiful people. I know some of you will want to flog me (hides face) I apologize. Okay let me explain it, you know when your brain just goes blank? like you don’t know what to blog about? yeah that was the phase I just went through. But I’m here so onto the business of the day. so I recently ran out of my face wash and was honestly too lazy to go to Kuddy’s cosmetics to get it. However, by the time the little monsters called pimples started showing up I didn’t need a vision before I ran down to Kuddy’s to get it.

Now I don’t like going to kuddy’s, not cos they are horrible people or anything but because I always end up buying a lot of stuff (the lady knows how to talk me into spending I swear) and this time was not an exception. From buying just a face wash I ended up with a sugar body scrub and an eyeshadow palette.

PicsArt_1394556627882SPA sugar scrub

As a beauty junkie I am always looking for something nice to try and on this day I kinda wanted to buy a body scrub. The lady recommended this scrub. To be honest I was a bit skeptical at first but was captured by the “naturally hydrating and antioxidant-rich with argan oil” written on the container and the fact that its organic.. I have always wanted to make my own sugar scrub, I just don’t know why I never get around to actually getting it done.


I like the fact that I can use this scrub daily and its not as abrasive as most scrubs. It smells amazing and left my skin super soft. My bathroom smelt heavenly afterwards as well.

All in all, I quite like this scrub and its kinda too soon to tell if I will be re-purchasing the products. I will keep you guys updated.

I purchased this from the kuddy’s cosmetics store at Ikota shopping complex Lekki Lagos for N1,600


I also picked up one house of Tara eyeshadow palette. House of Tara is an indigenous Nigerian makeup brand that has everything from foundations to blushes to amazing lipsticks.  I have a few products from this brand but this eyeshadow palette caught my eye and I just had to have it.

PicsArt_1394556879762House of Tara eyeshadow palette in Hajia Gambo Sawaba


The palette comes with 2 matte shades and 10 shimmery shades. All the colours are very pretty and being a makeup artist myself, I know I will put them to very good use.

PicsArt_1394556835352The palette open.


I do like the colours. However these eyeshades with the exception of the matte colours didn’t swatch very well. Found them a tad grainy to apply. I will seek out other ways to apply them and keep you guys updated.

I bought this for N2700

Finally the star of the show, My awesome face wash. This has been my staple face wash for a while now and I totally love it. I did a post on it earlier and I am loving it more every single day.

PicsArt_1394556485901Blackopal skin perfecting acne and blemish wash.

I got this for N1,500.

Have a parfait week everyone.


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